IOWC Associate: William Clarence-Smith

IOWC Research Director: Angela Schottenhammer

Dr. Schottenhammer is a Professor of Non-European and World History in the History Department, University of Salzburg, Austria, and is an adjunct professor of the History Department, McGill University.

IOWC Director: Gwyn Campbell

Gwyn Campbell holds a Canada Research Chair in Indian Ocean World History at McGill University. He gained degrees in economic history from the universities of Birmingham and Wales and has taught in India (Voluntary Service Overseas) as well as at universities in Madagascar, Britain, South Africa, Belgium and France.

Family Justice at the End of the Qing Dynasty

The Evolution of Cultural Spaces in Iran: The case of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art


Shipmasters in the Pre-Modern Malay World


The Exception of Wildlife Increase Amidst Wildlife Decline: The Case of Kenya’s Laikipia Rangelands


'A Question that Brooks No Delay': Russia, China and the Maritime Tea Trade, 1870s-1880s


Mining-Conservation Partnerships in Madagascar: Development opportunity or 'green grabbing'?


Cosmopolitanism, Material Culture, and Medicine in Kandyan-period Sri Lanka


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