JAAC - Natural Disasters and Migration in the Indian Ocean World: Historical and Contemporary Research Towards a Global Economic History

This research project investigates (1) how earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and floods – disasters caused by volcanic activities and tropical weather – have brought about migration in the Indian Ocean world; and (2) how the active migration of fishermen and compulsory laborers – slaves, indentured laborers and so on – in the Indian Ocean world has been related to some sorts of environmental transformation, such as overfishing and changes in vegetation. In this way, this project examines the process in which natural disasters (a sort of environmental transformation) urge migration, while migration causes other kinds of environmental transformation. Through the examination of the global relationship between the natural environment and human migration, this project aims to pursue a global environmental history as a nature-human interaction.

Indian Ocean World and Research Places

Project Leader
Atsushi Ota, Dr.
Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University
Kagamiyama 1-2-3, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8522

Project Members
Dr. Kazuhumi Nagatsu, Toyo University
Dr. Junko Otani, Osaka University
Prof. Kohei Wakimura, Osaka City University
Prof. Hiromu Shimizu, Kyoto University
Dr. Shuhei, Kimura, Tsukuba University
Dr. Hiroko Matsuda, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Dr. Hideaki Suzuki, Nagasaki University
Prof. Miki Sugiura, Hosei University
Dr. Yoshimi Nishi, Kyoto University