Fall 2016 Speaker Series


Indian Ocean World Centre

Fall 2016 Speaker Series, Thursdays, 5:45-7:30pm

 Peterson Hall 116, McGill University, 3460 Rue McTavish

Montréal, Québec, H3A 0E6

Each talk is followed by a reception 

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Dec. 1 Presentation by Prof. Angela Schottenhammer and Prof. Philippe De Maeyer

Prof. Schottenhammer: "Voyage of the Eunuch Yang Liangyao (736–806) to Baghdad in 785 AD: An Early Sino-Arab Power Alliance against the Tibetans?"

Prof. De Maeyer: "The Silk Road and Modelling the Environment"


Nov. 24 Presentation by Prof. John Unruh

"Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Restitution in ISIL Liberated Areas of Northern Iraq: UN and Iraqi Government Cooperation"


Nov. 17 Presentation by Dr. Jeremy Tai

 "Reviving the Silk Road: Spatial Fixes and the Cultural Imagination in Reform-Era China"


Nov. 10 Presentation by Dr. Yoshina Hurgobin

"Labour Movements, Citizenship and the Politics of Nationalism in Ceylon and Mauritius"


Nov. 3 Presentation by Prof. Gwyn Campbell

“Welsh Missionaries and the Clash of Imperial Identity in Madagascar, 1818-36”


Oct. 27 Presentation by Erin Bell

"National Home-Making”: Domestic Education for African Girls in Colonial Kenya"


Oct. 20 Presentation by Dr. Zozan Pehlivan

"Climate Crises and The Rise of the Tanzimat State, 1840 – 1890"


Oct. 13 Presentation by Peter Hynd

"Before the War on Drugs: Cannabis and the State in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century India"


Oct. 5 Presentation by Dr. Samuel Nelson

"Catholicism and the East India Company"


Sep. 29 Presentation by Tyler Yank

"The Trial of Sophie: Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Resistance among Enslaved Women in Colonial Mauritius"


Sep. 15 Presentation by Dr. Eva-Maria Knoll

"Embracing a Culture of Medical Travel: Some aspects of the Maldives' contemporary Indian Ocean connections"


Sep. 8 Presentation by Prof. Brendan Gillon  

"The Development of Logic in Early Classical India as Revealed by Chinese Buddhist Texts"