IOWC PhD Student: Rebekah McCallum

Rebekah received her bachelor's degree from Princeton University in 2010 in Anthropology with a certificate in South Asian Studies. She then studied for a certificate in theology through the University of Oxford.
Rebekah's current research interests include the history and dynamics of Indian Ocean trade networks and their relevance to minority groups on the Indian subcontinent-particularly Jews, Christians, Arabs, Parsis and East Africans. Further interests include the history of how European colonialism and postcolonialism restructured the nature of Indian society and Middle Eastern, South Asian, and East African trade in the Indian Ocean.
Outside of academia, Rebekah has partnered with social justice organizations seeking to eradicate human trafficking and provide aftercare services to victims. She has used various art forms such as poetry, painting, photography, and videography in that partnership. Rebekah has advanced proficiency in Hindi.