The First Annual Graduate Conference on Indian Ocean World History, 27-28 October 2012


27 October
15h00-16h00 Registration
16h00-16h15 Opening Remarks
16h15-18h00 Session 1: Empire, System and Circulation in the Indian Ocean Chair: TBD
  Rashed Chowdhury (IOWC, McGill University) "Afanasy Nikitin's Indian Ocean World: A Fifteenth-Century Russian Merchant in India" Anna Winterbottom (IOWC, McGill University) "Of the 'China Root': A case study of the circulation of materia medica in the Indian Ocean, c.1500-1900" Anas S. (Jawaharlal Nehru University) "Maritime South Indian Communities and the Islamic World System, 1200-1700"
18h00-19h00 Film: "Oman to the Maldives" from Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve
19h00-20h30 Reception

28 October
09h30-10h00 Keynote: Prof. Thabit A.J. Abdullah (York University)
10h00-11h45 Session 2: Health and Moral in the Indian Ocean World Chair: TBD
  Yossina Hurgobin (Syracuse University) "Coolie Migration and Changing Perception of Malaria in Colonial Mauritius" Peter Hynd (IOWC, McGill University) "'The General Test of a Good Officer in India' - Abkari Revenue, Government and Morality in Nineteenth Century British India" Alberto Tiburcio Urquiola (Islamic Institute, McGill University) "Towards a Historiography of Plagues and Famine in Early Modern Iran"
11h45-13h00 Lunch
13h00-14h45 Session 3: Women and Gender in the Indian Ocean World Chair: Prof. Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill University)
  Erin Bell (IOWC, McGill University) "The Next Generation of Mau Mau?": Young Girls in the Kamiti Prison Debates, 1954-1956" Deika Mohamed (York University) "Transacting and Transcending: Gender, Islam and Agency in 19th Century Coastal Somalia" Hideaki Suzuki (IOWC, McGill University) "Distorted Modification: Rethinking of Slavery in East African Coast from Owner's Perspective"