Histories of Medicine in the Indian Ocean World


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26 April - Institute for Health and Social Policy
09h00-10h00Registration, coffee and welcome
10h00-10h30Introductory remarks by Professor Gwyn Campbell
10h30-12h00Panel 1: Early Modern Medicine and Botany
Chair: Anna Winterbottom (Postdoctoral Fellow, IOWC, McGill University, anna.winterbottom@mcgill.ca)
1. S. Jeyaseela Stephen (Professor, Visva-Bharati University Santiniketan, India, stephenjey@yahoo.co.in) "The Circulation of Siddha Medical Knowledge and Tamil Texts in Paris, Halle, Copenhagen and London (1708-1813): Role of the European Missionaries and the East India Companies in the Early Modern World" 2. Minakshi Menon (University of California, San Diego, minakshimenon@hotmail.com) "Medicine, Money and the Making of the East India Company State, c. 1790: William Roxburgh at Madras" 3. Discussion of pre-circulated paper: Amanda Respess (Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago), "Exchanges and Transformations in Gendered Medicine on the Maritime Silk Road"
12h00-14h00Lunch with visit to the Osler Library collection
14h00-15h30Panel 2: Nineteenth-Century Epidemics and Institutions
Chair: Rachel Berger (Assistant Professor, Concordia University, rachel.berger@concordia.ca)
4. Dr George Michael La Rue (Professor, Clarion University, larue@clarion.edu/ mike.larue98@gmail.com) "Treating Black Deaths in Egypt: Clot-Bey, African Slaves and the Plague Epidemic of 1834-35" 5. Anouska Bhattacharyya (PhD student, Harvard University, abhattac@fas.harvard.edu) "Colonial Madness: community and lunacy in Nineteenth-Century India" 6. Nita Verma Prasad (Assistant Professor, Frank H. Netter School of Medicine, Quinnipiac University, Nita.Prasad@quinnipiac.edu) "Colonial Medicine and Acculturation: Bhagavat Sihn Jee and the Ayurvedic Revivalist Movement in British India"
16h00-18h00Panel 3: Twentieth-Century Colonialism and Public Health
Chair: Facil Tesfaye (IOWC, McGill University, facil.tesfaye@mail.mcgill.ca)
7. Chinnaiah Jangam (Assistant Professor, Carleton University, Chinnaiah_Jangam@carleton.ca) "Missions and Medicine: Story of Victoria Leprosy Hospital in Hyderabad State 1911-1961" With support from the SSHRC Situating Science project and the Institute of Health and Social Policy 8. Shirish N Kavadi (Professor, BJS Research Institute, shirish.kavadi@gmail.com) "The Rockefeller Foundation and Public Health in Colonial India" 9. Discussion of pre-circulated paper: Abdul Wahid (Utrecht University/UGM Yogyakarta, kang_ahid@yahoo.com) "Madat makan orang: Opium addiction as public health issue in the late colonial Indonesia, 1910s-1940"
19h30Conference dinner at Blue Nile

27 April - Peterson Hall
09h00-10h15Keynote talk by Professor Howard Phillips (UCT, Howard.Phillips@uct.ac.za) "Gandhi under the plague-spot light"
10h45-12h15Panel 4: Health and Labour under Colonial Regimes
Chair: Laurence Monnais (Professeure agrégée, Département d'histoire - Centre d'Etudes de l'Asie de l'Est, Université de Montréal, Chaire de Recherche du Canada sur le pluralisme en santé, laurence.monnais-rousselot@umontreal.ca) 10. Isabelle Denis (Professeure d'histoire-géographie, Université Sorbonne Paris-IV isabelledenisfr@yahoo.fr) "Médecins de Marine, état sanitaire et médecine à Mayotte 1841-1975" 11. Yoshina Hurgobin & Subho Basu (PhD Student and Associate Professor, Department of History, Syracuse University, ydhurgob@syr.edu) "Race, Class and Body: Hospitals for Workers Under Colonial Regimes" 12. Karine Aasgaard Jansen (PhD Candidate, University of Bergen, Norway, Karine.Jansen@ahkr.uib.no) "Disease and the making of France in Réunion"
12h15-13h30Lunch with visual presentation by Dr. Soma Hewa
13h30-15h00Panel 5: Philanthropy, Diplomacy and Medicine
Chair: Andrew Ivaska (Associate Professor, Concordia University, andrew.ivaska@concordia.ca)
13. Rashed Chowdhury (Postdoctoral Fellow, IOWC, chowdhuryrashed@gmail.com) "Russian Medical Diplomacy in Ethiopia, 1896-1913" 14. Deika Mohamed (Graduate Student, York University, dmohamed@yorku.ca) "Factoring a Dialectic: Health, Human Rights and Colonial Medicine in British Somaliland, 1945-60" 15. Cristiana Bastos (Professor, Instituto de Ciencias Sociais Universidade de Lisboa, bastoscristiana@gmail.com) "Goan doctors, African patients, European medicine: Parties of empire in late 19th century Mozambique"
15h30-17h00Panel 6: Medicine, Healing, Performance, and Politics
Chair: Jon Soske (Assistant Professor, McGill University, jon.soske@mcgill.ca)
16. David Sperling (Professor, Strathmore University, dsperling@strathmore.edu) "Muslim and Non-Muslim Healers in the Hinterland of the East African Coast" 17. Jonathan Walz (Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Archaeology, Rollins College, JWalz@Rollins.edu) "Zigua Medicine, between Mountains and Ocean: People, Performances, and Objects in Healing Motion" 18. Julie Laplante, (Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, University of Ottawa, Julie.Laplante@uottawa.ca) "In and Beyond the African Continent: Knowing through mediums or a world-environment in South African Indigenous Medicine (Muti)"
17h00-18h00Closing remarks by Professor Michael Pearson and discussion
18h00-20h00Dedication of the Allen archive by Professor David Sperling and reception