China and the Maritime World, 500 BC to 1900[1800]: A Handbook of Chinese Sources on Maritime History

General Editors: Angela Schottenhammer, Tansen Sen, and Geoffrey Wade

To be completed by approx. September 2016

Volume 1                         Volume 2
1. Up to 500 CE                 1750 to 1945
2. 500 to 900
3. 900 to 1450
4. 1450 to 1750



Wang Gungwu (NUS, Singapore)

Section One: Sources on Northeast Asia

Section Editor: Angela Schottenhammer (Universität Salzburg)

Hyunhee Park (Korea, Bohai)
Oláh Csaba (Japan)
Angela Schottenhammer (Ryūkyū)
Angela Schottenhammer, Mathieu Torck (Transfer of knowledge and technologies)

Section Two: Sources from and on Coastal China

Section Editor: Ken Dean

Hamashita Takeshi (Daoist literature)
Ken Dean (Daoist temples)
Ma Guang (Shandong)
Paola Calanca (Zhejiang)
Hugh Clark (Fujian)
N.N. (Guangdong)

Section Three: Sources on Taiwan

Section Editor: Cheng Weichung

Liu Hsü-feng (drifters, Taiwan-Japan-Ryūkyū relations)
Chang Pin-tsun
Tonio Andrade

Section Four: Sources on Southeast Asia

Section Editor: Geoff Wade (ISEAS, Singapore)

Geoff Wade (Southeast Asia)
Tana Li (Vietnam)

Section Five: South Asia

Section Editor: Tansen Sen (Baruch College, CUNY)

Section Six: West Asia

Section Editors: Ralph Kauz (Bonn University), John Chaffee (Binghamton University)

Section Seven: Africa

Section Editor: Don Wyatt (Middlebury College, USA)

Section Eight: Dunhuang and Turfan Sources on the Maritime World

Section Editor: Yu Xin (Fudan University, China)

Section Nine: Inscriptional Sources on the Maritime World

Section Editor: Shih Ching-fei (Taiwan)

Section Ten: Non-Inscriptional Archaeological Sources (Chinese artefacts)

Section Editor: Pierre-Yves Manguin

Section Eleven: Military Literature (military handbooks, naval techniques, coastal defence, maritime borders)

Section Editor: Paola Calanca

Section Twelve: Coastal, Nautical and World Maps

Section Editor:Angela Schottenhammer, Geoff Wade

Concluding Remarks

Angela Schottenhammer, Geoff Wade, and Tansen Sen