IDG Teams

The IOWC team will collect historical data from colonial, parliamentary and other official British records, missionary and newspaper records related to the Raj, as well as more contemporary data from Indian government statistics and reports from organisations such as the ILO, Anti-Slavery International, UNICEF and Oxfam India.The GIC team will organize and structure the data gathered into a database to enable both location and temporal analysis. For instance, location data depicting movement between cities and systems of bondage in addition to trade information and travel time offers a window that will better characterize the slave trade as a dynamic system. Temporal analysis by year and/or decade will also provide information on patterns of movement to find causal links between economic trends and bondage in the Indian Ocean.

Gwyn Campbell, Indian Ocean World Centre

Gwyn Campbell holds a Canada Research Chair in Indian Ocean World History at McGill University. He is the author and editor of many works, including An Economic History of Imperial Madagascar, 1750-1895: The Rise and Fall of an Island Empire and David Griffiths and the Missionary "History of Madagascar". A specialist in the economic history of the Indian Ocean region, he is a member of McGill’s Centre for Developing Area Studies (CDAS) and African Studies Program. He also established the Zanzibar portion of McGill’s Africa Field Studies Program in collaboration with IOWC associate Abdul Sherrif.

Pablo Arroyo, McGill University

Dr. Pablo Arroyo is an Academic Associate and the Director of the Geographic Information Centre at McGill. The GIC is a facility in the Geography Department that supports faculty, students and other researchers in topics related to database management, GIS and Remote Sensing in different disciplines (Conservation, Socio-economic Development, Health, History, etc). Dr. Arroyo is a multidisciplinary scientist whose main focus is conservation in tropical regions using field and remotely sensed data. In addition, his expertise in database management allows him to actively participate in several projects across different disciplines aiming to design and implement databases in the social sciences, humanities and physical sciences.

Further team members to be added later

Further team members to be added later