Workshop on Madagascar

Conference Schedule

Sunday, 1 May

17h00 Opening Remarks. Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill)
17h15 Session 1. Chair: Eric Jennings (University of Toronto)
17h15-18h00 Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill), “Thomas Phillips’ Dream and the Founding of the Madagascar Mission”
18h00-18h45 Ian Colquhoun (University of Western Ontario), Alex Totomarovario (University of Antsiranana) and Andrew Walsh (University of Western Ontario), “The Good and the Bad of Collaborative Research in Northern Madagascar”
18h45-19h30 Documentary Film: “Visiting Dady’s House: Tourism at a Sacred Tomb Site in Northern Madagascar.” Directed by Emma Hunter.

Monday, 2 May

9h00 Session 2. Chair: Andrew Walsh (University of Western Ontario)
9h00-9h45 Beau Zuercher (Université du Québec à Montréal), “A Semantic Comparison of Malagasy avy and French venir
9h45-10h30 Rita Hanitramalala (L'Université à distance de l'UQAM), “Les collocations adjectivales en malgache”
10h45 Session 3. Chair: Ashley Patterson (University of Western Ontario)
10h45-11h30 Sarah Fee (Royal Ontario Museum), “Silks and Soga: The consumption of imported textiles in Madagascar, ca.1700-1945”
11h30-12h15 Hideaki Suzuki (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science), “Nosy Be and the Western Indian Ocean World”
12h15-13h00 James Fairhead (University of Sussex) and Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill), “An American Wreck at Fort Dauphin in 1836: The cargo, crew and geopolitics of a local encounter”
13h45 Session 4. Chair: Beau Zuercher (Université du Québec à Montréal)
13h45-14h30 Michael Lambek (University of Toronto at Scarborough ), “Gift, Person, and Rite of Passage, three intersecting perspectives in three overlapping societies in the Mozambique Channel”
14h30-15h15 Eric Jennings (University of Toronto), “Representing and Reporting on the Conquest of Madagascar, 1895-1896”
15h15-16h00 Amadou Ba (Université Paris VII), “La révolte de 1947 à Madagascar: Les tirailleurs sénégalais comme éléments de répression”
16h15 Session 5. Chair: Michael Lambek (University of Toronto)
16h15-17h00 Jon Unruh (McGill), “Adaptation to Environmental Change in Highland Madagascar: The role of local innovation in degraded agroecosystems”
17h00-17h45 Ashley Patterson (University of Western Ontario), “Why Location Matters: Obstacles to success in a CBC project in Ankarana, Madagascar”
17h45 Closing Remarks
19h00Workshop Dinner: La Feuille de Menthe, 5136 Avenue du Parc