International Conference 'Enslavement, Bondage and the Environment in the Indian Ocean World'

Conference Schedule

Thursday, 28 April

08h20Registration and Coffee
08h50 Opening Remarks. Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill)
09h00 Session 1: Environment and Slavery. Chair: Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill)
09h00-09h30 Steven Serels (IOWC, McGill), “Watering Slaves and Growing Grain: The Expansion of Slave Labour in Northern Sudan, 1896-1913”
09h30-10h00 James Francis Warren (Murdoch University), “Volcanoes, Refugees and Raiders: The 1765 Macaturin Eruption and the Rise of the Iranun”
10h30-11h00 Matthew S. Hopper (California Polytechnic State University), “Cyclones, Drought and Slavery in Oman, 1873-1927”
11h00-11h30 Nigel Worden (University of Cape Town), “The Environment and Slave Resistance in the Cape Colony”
11h30-12h30 Session 1 Discussion. Led by Joseph C. Miller (University of Virginia)
13h30 Session 2: Enslavement & the Slave Trade. Chair: Bernard K. Freamon (Seton Hall University)
13h30-14h00 Kazuo Kobayashi (Osaka University), “Indian Cotton Textiles as a Global Commodity: The Case of the Atlantic Slave Trade”
14h00-14h30 Pedro Machado (Indiana University): “South Asian Merchant Involvement in the Slave Trade of the Western Indian Ocean”
15h00-15h30 Sue Peabody (Washington State University, Vancouver), “Enslaved Women and Children in the French Indian Ocean: Madeleine of Chandernagor”
15h30-16h00 George Michael La Rue (Clarion University), “Gradations in Servility at the Slaving Frontier: Changing Processes of Enslavement, Social Transformations and the Local Use of Slaves in Sudan, 1780-1880”
16h00-17h00 Session 2 Discussion. Led by Amitava Chowdhury (Queens University)

Friday, 29 April

09h00 Session 3: Life in Bondage. Chair: Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert (McGill)
09h00-09h30 Elisabeth McMahon (Tulane University), “Emotionally Linked: Kinship Ties and Relationships Among Enslaved Pembans, 1870-1920”
09h30-10h00 Hideaki Suzuki (Japan Society for Promoting Science), “Some Observations on the Quantitative Analysis of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, 1906-1950”
10h30-11h00 Scott S. Reese (Northern Arizona University), “‘A few hundred burly Africans’: The Social Lives of ‘Servile’ People in Colonial Aden—A Preliminary Exploration”
11h00-12h00 Session 3 Discussion. Led by Sue Peabody (Washington State University, Vancouver)
13h00 Session 4: Human-Environment Interaction in the IOW - Techniques and Outcomes. Chair: Gwyn Campbell (McGill)
13h00-13h45 Andrew Bush (University of Alberta), “Numerical Modelling of IOW Atmospheres and Oceans”
13h45-14h30Mohamed Cheriet (École de technologie supérieure), “Data Enhancement, Analysis and Collaboration in IOW history”
15h00-15h45 Margaret Kalácska (McGill), “Bayesian Network Analysis and Outcomes”
15h45-16h45 Jo Ann Levesque (McGill), “Research Collaboration Best Practices for Humanity Scholars”
16h45–17h30 Session 4 Discussion. Led by Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill)
19h00Conference Dinner (see location)

Saturday, 30 April

09h00 Session 5: Emancipation. Chair: Jayeeta Sharma (University of Toronto)
09h00-09h30 Michael Ferguson (IOWC, McGill), “A Geography of Marginalization: The Emancipated Africans of Izmir in the Late Nineteenth Century”
09h30-10h00 Elke E. Stockreiter (University of Iowa), “Concubinage and the Abolition of Slavery in Zanzibar, 1890s-1910s”
10h00-10h30 Sarah Ghabrial (IOWC, McGill), “Modernizing the Muslim Family: Law Reform and Emancipation in Egypt and Algeria, 1890-1930”
11h00-12h00 Session 5 Discussion. Led by Martin Klein (University of Toronto)
12h00 Session 6: Indentured Labour. Chair: Elisabeth McMahon (Tulane University)
12h00-12h30 Alessandro Stanziani (EHESS Paris, CNRS Paris), “Servants, Wage Earners and Indentured Migrants in Nineteenth-Century France, Great Britain and the Mascarene Islands”
12h30-13h00 Amitava Chowdhury (Queen's University, Kingston), “Indian Indentured Labor and Transnational Nationalism in the Indian Ocean World”
14h00-14h30 Jayeeta Sharma (University of Toronto), “Unfree Labour and Commodity Production on an Imperial Frontier”
14h30-15h00 Zhongping Chen & Liam O’Reilly (University of Victoria): “Empires, Environments and Enigmas of the Coolie: Chinese Contract Labourers in the Indian Ocean World and Beyond”
15h00-16h00 Session 6 Discussion. Led by Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill)
16h30 Session 7: Religion. Chair: Pedro Machado (Indiana University)
16h30-17h00 Bernard K. Freamon (Seton Hall University), “Islamic Law and Slavery in the Indian Ocean World: The Evolution of an ‘Imperial Fiqh’”
17h00-17h30 Ronald Kydd (Tyndale Seminary), “150,000 Liberated: Buddhist Slavery in Tang China”
17h30-18h30 Session 7 Discussion. Led by Brendan Gillon (McGill)
18h30 Closing Remarks. Gwyn Campbell (IOWC, McGill)